Tinked Art Farm, where animals & art unite!

My name is Tinamarie. Being diagnosed later in life with Asperger syndrome and Epilepsy, it had made for a very interesting and at times frustrating journey. Art has always been an outlet for me since I was young.

Recently, my art has taken a different turn in that it's much more whimsical, fun, and mostly therapeutic, opening another door to my imagination.

My love and fascination with animals of all kinds is what inspires me and my work. Living in the country with my fur and feathered friends as well as my husband helps me keep calm, especially during times of stress. Nature and being with my animal friends are the best medicine with no side effects.

The love and joy I feel inside is reflected in my art. I love using bright colors and unique lines. My art expresses what's in my head and in my heart. Having the ability to create something that makes another person smile and feel happy when they look at it is a wonderful experience for me. With the help of my husband Jay, we opened this Etsy shop where my art can both be seen, or purchased on various items.

Thanks for reading my story!

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